Find a Photo Lab Near You

A really cool website with a constantly updated list of photo labs from around the globe. Keep this one bookmarked. A must have for any film photographer.

On being jaded to other peoples work

It’s quite unhealthy to want to refuse to accept anyone else’s work however good or bad it is. The feeling that you just don’t care about others in your craft can be quite difficult to negotiate with, but it’s actually not a bad thing for the duration.
In the last three months of my degree, whenever I was confronted with looking at someone else’s work, be it a peers work in progress or a very well established name with an epic project, I just didn’t care. This blinkered approach did help me in my direction towards my own work where the idea had just been born and was finally out of the developmental stage.

Why I’m Bored Of People Romanticising Film Photographers


A bad photo taken on Kodak Portra 400

A topic that I see recycled quite often on some of my favourite blogs is the idea that shooting film means you’re a better photographer. Sure it’s a great learning tool and can be very enjoyable for a number of reasons, but it doesn’t make better photographs.


Experiences with specialty coffee in California


Plant in Verve Coffee, Santa Cruz

I have spent the last month having a very enjoyable time in the Bay Area of California checking out the best coffee places around. Something I quickly picked up on was the style of service that you fin in a USA specialty coffeehouse.

Why Coffee Pods are Evil


Who doesn’t love their morning cup of joe? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a machine that did everything for you in just one click of a button? WOW! Thats amazing! Tell me more!


Would it then surprise you that what you were going to receive in your cup of choice was a foul tasting, watery mess that barely even passes the minimum criteria for coffee? There may be no mess advertised, but all you really have done is move the mess from the pod into your cup and are now drinking it. Doesn’t sound so fun now, does it?


On Leaving



This post despite the name is not about the elephant in the room that is brexit, but just talking about myself moving on from my time at Beagle. It’s a new stage for the cafe with management changing and a constant shift of ideas. I honestly have no idea what’s going on. There may be a florist present, and they may have more food options available in the cafe and a spangly new brew bar for all your filter coffee needs. But honestly, who knows? It could be selling vin-taage Shoredatch furniture and dog grooming products.

I’m really hoping for the best for Beagle. In this time of uncertain decisions it’s even a possibility that everything that attracted me to this little coffee bar will be gone. With staff leaving and these possible new ideas, Beagle might well become another jaded “trendy” coffee spot.

It has been a really good ride for the most part. Having a good period of fantastic management and days with lovely customers and the like, I feel the time has been well invested in staying at this place. With my next couple of months being choc full of events and things to do, I need to say goodbye and part ways with this happy little arch space.

Of course nowhere is without its problems but this post is not about that. I’m hoping over the next few months I can continue to shoot for my project The Anthropology of Plants, and work towards completion in November or December this year. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it. Even with my trip to California in August, I’m sure i’ll be able to fill my head with creative thoughts. Well, I hope so. We’ll see what happens next.


What Do I Consider a Good Coffee Shop?


Choosing which coffee shop to go to on any given day can be somewhat difficult knowing I am spoilt for choice. London has a huge array of coffee houses great and bad, so trying to feel what I am looking for is key. There’s a reason you are drawn back to certain venues and spaces. Sometimes you can’t quite put into words why, but generally you have a pretty good reason what pulls you back again and again. Lets break this down into three categories.


Takeout espresso?

After working for quite a while as a barista, take out coffee is not something i’m really truly comfortable with, but that’s a topic on its own. My main dislike and occurrence that makes my heart sink EVERY time is when we get a customer ordering an espresso in a paper cup. I’m just gonna stop you right there if you like this and say. IT GETS COLD FAST. can you really not spend the extra 30 seconds of your time sipping the drink? Even if you’re ordering for an office run, by the time mr or mrs coffee gets their order it’s going to be near frozen and to most, quite unpalatable.

Since when has this


Been more attractive than this?

(coffee hourglass)

But seriously, this is something i do feel very strongly about. For decades the Italians knew for their morning medicine to stand at the bar, maybe exchange a few words with the barista, drink up and then off to work. Is this something in Britain that is seen as awkward? I know not everybody likes to chat away before their morning brew for various reasons, but come on. Just stop please 😦 embrace the ceramic cup.